(Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility)

Mission Statement:
Granada Hills Charter TK-8 PTSA aligns with the National PTA mission to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. The mission requires that inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) be central to our work and used in our day-to-day decisions and actions.

Value Statement:
Granada Hills Charter TK-8 PTSA values the diversity and differences within our community. We recognize, respect and value each individual irrelevant of their background. These differences could be self-evident such as national origin, age, race and ethnicity, religion/belief, gender, physical ability or attributes, marital status and socioeconomic status, educational background, organizational tenure, even personality, such as introverts and extroverts, etc.

Inclusivity Statement:
We invite and encourage everyone from the Granada Hills Charter TK-8 community to engage in PTSA dialogue and become involved. The PTSA, including all our events and activities, are strictly volunteer run. We welcome input and experiences, collaboration and engagement of families, parents/guardians, staff, teachers, children… everyone!

Ways that our PTSA is working to incorporate IDEA:

Non-Food Prize Options:
In addition to concerns regarding nutrition and candy safety, we recognize that there are many families within our community with dietary restrictions and needs. Therefore, in addition to candy, we will continue to provide non-food prize options for our families attending our Fall Festival.

We are happy to continue to support our DEI through literature initiative. Last year, we donated $1,000.00 to Granada Hills Charter TK-8 to purchase diversity books for our in-classroom libraries. The school purchased titles such as; Proudest Blue, My Brother Charlie, We Are Water Protectors, The Invisible Boy, and Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story.

Stay tuned for details regarding a multiculturally-inspired Spring Arts Festival in Spring 2023 and how you can get involved.

Meeting Accessibility:
We understand that attending meetings can be challenging for a multitude of reasons so we are in the process of trying to find a way to create a hybrid option for when we begin hosting in-person association meetings January 2023.

Community Engagement:
We strive to create social events where all our students and families feel welcomed. Our previous fall and art festivals have been hosted at a central location (ie. the school) and without admission fees.

Additional Resources:
National PTA: 2022-2023 Multicultural Calendar

Ashley Smith, Granada Hills Charter TK-8 PTSA Secretary and DEI Chair

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